Art Restoration

Ngaio Fine Arts uses a qualified restorer to restore their own work and provides a service for clients as well. They can give advice and obtain quotes for you if you have any work you need to have restored or conserved. Our restorer can use his magic in restoring them without harm or fading

Water colours are prone to foxing in our climate. Foxing is caused by a bacteria in paper that eats away at the work and leaves brown spots. Initially caused by dampness, the bacteria eats away at the paper and over time spreads over the work. The bacteria can be washed out by various chemicals or if only mildly irritating can be fumigated so they do not spread or deepen. Brown spots can also be the result of glue coming though which can be restored and also rust marks can occur. Works not stuck down to a backing board are significantly cheaper to restore.

Oils can get dirty overtime with smoking in the house, open fires and fly dirt. They can also get damaged. Our restorer can clean and restore a work so you cannot see where any damage has occurred while ensuring the integrity of the work. A light clean and varnish can restore a sad looking painting back to its light and colour.

We can give expert advice on any restoration work and the costs involved.

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