Neil Bartlett

Neil Bartlett was born in Southland and has lived in Otago since 1971 when he became a full-time artist. Neil loves the outdoors, and has an appreciation for nature that is obvious in his works. He has a style very similar to that of the great masters and looks to them to build on his knowledge of art. Neil does not use photography as his aid, but goes to the site and produces pencil sketches and takes lots of notes on site, then the painting is completed over time in his studio.

Neil has had very successful exhibitions throughout New Zealand over the years. Each painting is numbered on the reverse, and is a one-off original. No two paintings are the same, a totally new sketch is created on site for a new painting.

Because Neil travels to the site, most subjects are within a couple of hours drive from his home. Arrowtown, Queenstown, Glenorchy, Wanaka, Haast, and Eglinton Valley are among those favoured locations.

Neils work is adored by many, and they adorn homes throughout New Zealand and further afield in Australia, United Kingdom, America, and Canada.