Maria Serafina

Maria Serafina Tribunella is an American of Sicilian origin raised and educated in New York City. After the completion of a her art degree from New York University she married and moved to Italy in the mid-seventies where she has since resided with her husband, Neapolitan artist, Raimondo Roberti.

On her return to Italy Maria studied art from the period of the Grand Tour. Naples had been a cardinal port of call for the well-to-do youth of 18th Century European families seeking to increase their knowledge of classical art and history.

Maria captures the romanticism of works from the School of Posillipo, in her Garden Series. She is drawn to the gardens of Southern Italy, which are enclosed within the villa proper, similar to the typical Roman villa.

Work by Maria Serafina are enjoying a warm reception from many fine galleries throughout the United States. Maria Serafina Tribunella continues to reside and work in the city of Naples with frequent visits and exhibitions in the United States.