Gaston De Vel

Gaston completed his academic training of 5 years at the Brussells "Acadamie Royale des Beaux-Arts" under the guidance of Flemish contemporary masters.

He graduated in 1945 when he won first prize with "Grande Distinction" and since that date has gone on to exhibit works in Belgium, Great Britain, Africa, the United States of America (where galleries currently regularly exhibit his paintings) and New Zealand.

A book on colour by Watson Guptal described him as the most eloquent artist of the "alla prima" style in the world today. Each brush stroke is put on the canvas and left clean and fresh. For this reason he is able to present canvases glowing with pure, resounding and ravishing colour.

Gaston De Vel's paintings are held in private collections throughout the world and one major public gallery in New Zealand has now purchased his work.

Truly an international artist who is recognised as the leading impressionist in this country. Sadly, Gaston De Vel passed away in July 2010.