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The Efil Doog Collection 11th April - 9th May

April 11, 2015

Ngaio Fine Arts invites you to a Special Weekend Preview of their Exhibition:

"The Efil Doog Collection "

Preview: Saturday and Sunday
11th & 12th April 2015 11am – 5pm
at 53B Ottawa Road, Ngaio, Wellington
Exhibition continues to 9th May

Efil Doog has been independently assessed as a "Garden of Regional Significance" by the New
Zealand Garden Trust. The Trust is part of The Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture Inc.

Efil Doog is the home and garden of Ernest and Shirley Cosgrove who in 1976 began establishing the eleven acre garden At the head of the Garden is an art gallery focusing on early paintings by New Zealand's finest artists, such as Frances Hodgkins, William Hodgkins, Isobel Field, Charles Goldie, John Steele, Margaret Stoddart, James Nairn, Elizabeth Kelly, Claus Fristrom, W.G. Baker, Alfred O'Keefe and many others.

Ernie and Shirley Cosgrove have now decided to put away the gardening gloves and retire. They have sold the Garden which hopefully will continue for many generations but we have been honoured with finding new homes for their wonderful collection of art.

These have all been personally chosen by Ernie and Shirley and I believe this would be one of the finest private collections of early New Zealand work ever to come on the market.

We are having a special two day opening and we can fully recommend this exhibition for all early New Zealand art lovers. Ernie and Shirley will be present for parts of the time. Please ring first if you want to ensure they are here. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you sometime over the weekend.

Suzanne Beer and Mike Beca

"A Street in Rouen" Blythe Fletcher
Oil 745x90mm

"Crail Harbour" Tom Esplin Oil 300x410mm

"Autumn Sunshine" Rosa Spencer Bower W/C 285x400mm

"Auckland Scene" Edward Fristrom Oil 260x390mm

"Doubtful Sound" L.W Wilson Oil 600x910mm

"Near Te Anau" Isobel Field W/C 260x440mm

"Gates of Paradise Glenorchy" T.R Attwood Oil 450x900mm

"Rangitikei" Peter McIntyre Oil 590x750mm

"Estuary" Olivia Spencer Bower W/C 240x360mm

"Basket Weaver" James Nairn Oil 470x365mm

"Waru Bush River Taieri" W.M. Hodgkins W/C 250x230mm

"Herata Tarapata" C.F. Goldie Conte 275x200mm

"Old Age" Wm Sprott Oil 260 x 280mm

"Moeraki" Frances Hodgkins W/C 200x255mm

"Fishing Fleet at St Ives" Elizabeth Kelly 270 x 370