Eugenea Belmasova

Eugenea was born in Rostov-on-Don and is a graduate of the V.I.Surikov Russian Academy of Art, Moscow. She moved to Brisbane in 1993 and on to Wellington in 1994 where she now lives with her two children, having taken New Zealand citizenship. The daughter of renowned Russian painter Boris Belmasov, Eugenea watched fascinated as her father worked on many wonderful canvases and showed tremendous promise of following in his footsteps from a very early age.

With a typically strong traditional Russian academic training upon which to build Eugenea now covers a very wide spectrum of subjects, techniques and styles as she paints from day to day. Oils being the most favoured medium, her rich colours and textures a joy to behold.

Eugenea has exhibited with distinction in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Australia and New Zealand.